The World Is Coming To An End – How Will You Survive?

This is the first time I am taking on the situation of the world from a point of view that no one might share, because it’s mine. Everyone has their point of view and this is mine.

Let’s start with the biggest news in India yesterday aside from what we call elections that just comes and goes and we are left with the same shit. The biggest news was of a murder, a murder of a girl in office. She was killed in a fit of rage by a security guard. A security guard who used to stalk her. A security guard who’s job is to protect the people in the premises killed someone in rage because she complained about stalking and staring. Where does a person go for safety? Homes aren’t safe, streets aren’t safe, now multi-billion dollar industrial offices aren’t safe. We know many cities worldwide have very high crime rate. Sweden, one of the most developed and open minded countries in the world also has the highest rape rate. Recently 3 immigrants were arrested for raping a woman and BROADCASTING it live on Facebook. Coming back to the home turf, we hear about rapes every week. Murders are common as well. Those who know me personally know how my family has seen one and suffered hell for it. People have begun to resort to force and violence to get what they want. See the Sanjay Leela Bhansali incident. If you do not allow a filmmaker to take creative liberty, what are you? I have wrote a post about our culture already. Bullying and violence has become the identity of modern India where a celebrity walks free for crushing innocent people, where multi-million dollar loans are never recovered, where criminal accused flee country easily, where politicians do not let the country’s parliament run. If India doesn’t get it’s shit together, we are going to be vanishing soon.

Let’s move to Italy for a second now, the referendum for change was rejected by people, Greece is the baby who won’t grow up, Germany has opened it’s arms to refugees but the people are still xenophobic, if you do not believe me watch the movie ‘Look Who’s Back’. So, who’s actually keeping all this together? EU, you say. You are right. But, Britain has left the EU and soon others will follow suit. Humans are hungry for power and when you seek power, you break ties.

Africa, I do not even know what’s happening there. I only know that when my colleagues travel to Johannesburg they are not allowed to roam the city alone. They go together in a car to office and come back in a car back to the hotel.

Russia, actually Russia isn’t that bad. I find Russia to be the most sane country in this chaos despite it being ruled by a dictator who kills anyone who raises voice against him. It is absolute madness but the country is surviving. However they have their guns ready to shoot at anyone that provokes them.

Middle East is pretty much finished. With Russia and America joining the race, this is an unending war and the only people suffering are the poor innocent residents. They have to flee the country with whatever they can manage to take. It is the absolute worse.

Now, it’s time for the giant. America. Let’s see. The president is Trump, not that Hillary was any good. TO be honest, a businessman is still better on that chair than a politician. Also, Trump is much better than Bloomberg any day. I am trying to see the good part here. But What then? What is Trump doing? Putting a ban on immigrants seeking asylum in a country of immigrants. Ironic. Those protests on the streets, those shooting in schools, Bombing, etc is a terrorising scenario. America as we know it, needs some serious hand holding in getting it’s shit back together. If you think Obama did a good job, think again, this time think Syria.

What is left? Pakistan, creating constant problems for India. China, creating constant problems for India. North Korea, creating constant problems for themselves. Afghanistan is trying to get back on it’s feet. Sri-Lanka, what are they doing? Israel killing Palestinians, Palestine attacking Israel. Syria is gone. Turkey struggles to keep itself off of the war. Iran is suffering, Iraq is suffering, everyone is in a problem. Even Canada now, there was shooting at a mosque in Quebec.

How will we survive this? It will only take one person’s ego to finish the whole world. Remember the 3rd world war almost started in Berlin because one damn officer could not go see his opera. So, how can you survive this inevitable end? How can it be stopped?

Let me know in the comments below.

-Naimish Sanghvi

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