Why no ads?

When I started this website, I had ads running all over it. In the footer, in the header, in between posts. I didn’t have many visitors so I thought I’d try and make money a little quicker. Needless to say it made the experience horrible for people.

Finally Jobless is still growing. We are changing designs often. We are learning in the process. This started as a hobby and hobby it must remain. Well, hobbies should not be about making money. That is why Finally Jobless is ad-free.

Right now I am funding the site from my pocket to keep it running. We also urge people to write stories and publish them here. We love publishing work from different people. It’s amazing to know the tales from the community. Eventually if I am unable to afford running the site, we will think of something. But till the time, let us enjoy the site as it’s meant to be; ad-free.

This being said, we don’t even pay people to write on FinallyJobless. Every single author is a volunteer with a willingness to share their story.

Let’s create random s**t together!

-Naimish Sanghvi