Why am I Binge Watching Game of Thrones?

If you are following me on any social media or watching my videos, you know I am bed ridden due to an injury in my foot. I am not allowed to walk or even sit with my foot down on the floor. Hence over the past 3 days I have spent most of my time in watching Game of Thrones and as of now I paused Episode 1 of Season 4 to write this blog.

The question is why am I watching videos in my free time instead of writing my novel, a blog, or a story? The honest answer is that it’s easier. It’s much easier to watch something on a screen than to do anything more productive. If you go into the detailed science, the mindless works like social media or watching videos are rewarding to the brain. You finish watching one video and your brain thinks you have accomplished something, it releases Dopamine and viola, you feel happy. This is more like how you give a treat to your dog when it obeys your command. With such less effort, minimal strain, and absolutely no use of brain you have achieved something, achieved Dopamine for completing a task. Hence, you are tempted to complete another mindless task and get more Dopamine, so you watch another video, and the vicious cycle continues. This lead to binge watching Game of Thrones in my case.

You need a very strong determination to get up and do something else instead of wasting away your time in watching a TV series where given a chance all women take off their clothes and every man wants to be a king. Will power, some would say can help, but did you know that Will power is an exhaustive resource? You know sometimes you tell yourself I am tired of trying to do this, that’s an example of ego-depletion, aka exhausted will power. My will power is not exhausted, and my determination is not done yet. That’s why I am writing this blog, I wrote a big Facebook post about somethings I hate on social media as well. Yet, its only today that I was able to do it. I am a daily vlogger and I haven’t even done that during this week. So, what needs to be done now?

NOTHING. The answer is nothing. Robb Stark is dead. Daenerys Targaryen is on her way to Kings Landing, Sir James Lannister AKA king slayer is back to Kings Landing and Tyron Lannister is married to Sansa Lannister. I can’t stop watching it now. I need to know what happens next. So I will get back to watching GOT, while you guys get back and do something productive. Don’t let the Dopamine fool you into spending your time on watching videos and commenting on Facebook. Go do something productive. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this. FYI, Right now in few minutes, Poland Vs Portugal match starts, so watch that if you are reading this before 12:30 AM on July 1st, and enjoy the match. Support Poland.

-Naimish Sanghvi

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