The Weather

It ain’t a rough ride you know,

Just a bit of wind to throw a jacket on

Even though the trees won’t budge,

It’s just a bit of wind, you know.

You will survive, just hold on tight.


No it ain’t raining that bad.

Earth’s taking a shower

So it’s time to let go and dance in the rain

Because there’s no wrong time to be mad

And it’s all in vain


Seasons come seasons go

But at times the fall may stay a little longer.

No matter how shorter the spring,

We can still go round the mulberry bush,

Blow the yellow leaves away and sing.


Nature is funny.

You think you’re in control

But sometimes if you can’t hold the wind,

Or Stop the water.

Don’t fight it or avoid it

Instead take the route of love

Because nature is nourishing

But it ain’t under your control.


-Naimish Sanghvi 

Edited by Chaitali

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