True Friendship

“Strangers are just friends waiting to happen” – Truly said, yesterday you didn’t know me, today we are friends. Many would believe that it is a beautiful relationship which requires nourishment & proper care. I feel this is the only relationship which automatically blossoms & matures with every passing day. You don’t need to put extra efforts or work on it and it doesn’t need a regular check like our health or wealth. Well it may so happen that there are fights and misunderstandings, but a true friendship finds its own way to survive & strengthen itself. Best friends, chat friends, hangout friends, but the most important in one’s life is true friend. Time helps you know and understand a person in a better way for sure, but for being a true friend, time and understanding is not the only factor, this requires a third dimension which is trust, no matter what happens I will be there for you.

True friend is someone in front of whom you don’t have to show your fake smile, no artificial attitude, you can just be the way you are. Bunch or gang of true friends can be those significant people in your life, in front of whom you can be the original you. All of us wear an armor around us to face the world, going for work or college, or to be with our families too sometimes. True friendship removes that armor and makes you realize the real you. It shows you the mirror where you may look ugly at times or beautiful, but it’s your true self always.

You may have many friends in your life, parent or a close relative, soul mate or a sibling, a childhood friend or a person you met just a few days ago, but you need to find out who is/are your true friend/s. So go out, be open to new friendships or find your old long lost friends… you never know how, when, and who can become your true friend/s.

-Shirin Pillai

The author Shirin Pillai is my closest friend and currently resides in UAE with her husband. She sent this article to me on email hopefully dedicated to me, and I decided to put it on the blog obviously after seeking her permission. Check out her Facebook to know more about her.

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