They Won’t Forget

You forget, yet the world remembers,
No not mankind as a whole
But those that make your world ,
The won’t forget, when you whirled

From one interest to another
They will forget the guts you had
For the mind memorizes fear,
They won’t forget, you were never near

To achieve what you dreamt off,
They critiqued every step you took
To help you get better, supposedly
They won’t forget, as you walked hopelessly.

To the heights you could never reach
To the barriers you could never breach
To the careers you could never make
They won’t forget, the times you took a break.

So busy are people in rushing ahead
They forget to stop and breathe
I just sat down to learn more about me
But they won’t forget, what I could never be.

-Naimish Sanghvi

Note: I wrote this poetry over a month ago. It is never easy to give up something you are doing and start something new. I am blessed to have friends who have supported me through out my multiple transitions. Some of them have helped me achieve my dream, some of them never gave up on me. However, we live in a society where we are judged by the house we live in and the car we drive around. 

Thankfully I surround myself with people who don’t judge me for my actions but guide me in the right direction. They have shown patience while I have gone through episodes of joy, sadness, panic, anger and depression. I know they won’t care if I “Succeed”, yet the larger part of the world will not forget if I don’t make something out of myself. 

Unfortunately though for me, my biggest achievement while I leave this planet will not be a big house or a nice car, it will be the knowledge of various subjects that I would have gained over the years from trying new businesses and creativity. Peace!!!

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