I swear to speak the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth

I love Drama. I love truth. I love drama with truth.

For instance, it rained yesterday, hence a few local trains got cancelled, thus I got late to work. However instead of writing “I’ll be late because the trains are running late, I apologise” I wrote

“Trains have been cancelled. I’ll be late *crying emoji*. It rained and trains got cancelled!! This is so bad!! All the other ones are so full”

That my friends, is truth with drama. Was I surprised that the trains were cancelled? Yes. Was I actually terrified to get on them? Yes. Could I have written the message any more cheesy? Yes, yes, yes. The point is, I love being emotional and animated. There is no diplomacy in me. There might be some, but I try to keep it out as well. Diplomacy is needed, to send the right message, to get things done. We grew up learning that, didn’t we?

That’s why when I showed this message to a friend, her reaction was “Naimish you are overdramatic”. Now for me, this is a normal message. I am trying to express my shock that the trains cancelled. Sad that I will be late. I am shocked that it rained and trains got cancelled. I genuinely am frustrated that I cannot get on a train because of the rush.

But is that what the reader intercepts? I am going to take a wild guess and say “No”. Should I stop doing this? Probably. Will I stop doing it? Probably not. I can’t change myself. I will die one day most likely cribbing that nothing went as I wanted it to in my life. Yet, I will die thinking I fought. Perhaps a pointless battle, but a fight nonetheless.

It is the society that defines rules. I am only here to shout and get my voice heard. I have said this so many times, You don’t deserve to criticise the government if you do not have the balls to stand up to your bosses when they are wrong. At a time when social media is the trumpet in one’s hand, I like to shout more on an internal level where things are actually not right.

But this is not the train we need to be on right now. Coming back to the lack of diplomacy. I am not sure if it is such a bad thing. I carry my emotions on my sleeve. I lose my mind when I am in office for more than 11 hours. I love my friends even if they do not love me back. I do not want to be the guy who handles people. I want to be the guy who befriends people. I want to create an environment of mistakes, not perfection. Because perfection doesn’t become a cult. Mistakes on the other hand, mistakenly becomes a cult.

If it weren’t true, Catch 22 wouldn’t have been a cult. Ed Wood wouldn’t have been a cult director. Most importantly, Mera naam Joker and Andaz Apna Apna would not be a cult. Let’s not forget about Dhinchak Pooja. This is it. So, the truth, absolute truth, is simple. I can’t change my ways. This attitude makes me who I am. Whether I am successful or not, I would still die one day thinking “That fucking message was hilarious”.

Cheers to imperfection. Salut to no diplomacy. Na zdrowie to being true to yourself. Just drink away.

-Naimish Sanghvi

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