Short Stories

Story – The Accident

It all happened in a moment, within the blink of an eye. The accident was as brutal as it can get, straight out of a movie. But it took me 10 seconds to speak. In those 10 seconds I found myself staring at a twisted arm with bone broken into […]

Story: Rituraj Ki Lovestory

“What if our lives were like TV series?”, Ritu asked Raj. She took a sip of coffee from her favourite mug, a plain blue variant, gifted by her ex boyfriend. She waited for Raj to answer. Raj sat opposite her at the table trying to get another paratha from the […]

[Story] The Blind Weight Checker

Arjun didn’t know where he was going. He was walking, holding the finger of his grandmother with his tiny hands on the sidewalk. He preferred walking over being carried in arms. He could see the fascinating crawling things his parents called insects. He wasn’t supposed to touch them, so he never did. […]

[Story] 2 Boarding Passes and an Adventure

Amit was at the airport on time, a full 2 hours before departure. The check-in process was smooth and fast, no one travels on Saturdays I suppose, he thought to himself as he cleared security check. With his luggage checked in, all he carried was a tiny laptop bag but without a laptop. […]

[Story] Deck of Cards

Vir passed the deck to me and almost commanded, “Look at this deck of cards and tell me what do you see?” I picked it up and looked at the cards spreading them 5-6 at a time till I had run through all 54 cards in the deck. They were […]

[Story] New Eleven Minutes

Eleven Minutes, she mumbled reading the cover of the book as she picked it up. Her customer had been in a hurry, he left as quickly as he could forgetting the book at her work-place. She called it her workplace because it was a small and shabby 2*2 Sq. meter room, not swept […]

[Story] Servant Of Your Phone

“What did you just call me?”, Jason looked up from his cellphone angrily shouting at his friend Arjun. Arjun smiled and replied, “You are a servant of your phone Jason. It commands. You obey”. “What is that supposed to mean?” Jason asked, still angry. “Well, it beeps once and you […]

Story 3 – Aparna and the Monk

‘Alakh Niranjan’ (God resides within oneself) shouted the Sadhu (Indian monk) outside her house. Aparna was busy cooking dinner inside the kitchen and didn’t hear the shout from the monk. Traditionally the monks in India shout ‘Alakh Niranjan’ to show their presence, it was to gain the attention of the residents residing […]

Story 2: Never shoot at living beings

In a small town in India, there lived a young boy named ‘Arya’. Arya was 8 years old and lived with his parents and a younger brother ‘Shami’. Shami was only 6 weeks old. He wasn’t very fond of his little brother. For him, Shami was just a new member of the family […]

Story 1 – The Loyal Servant

Once upon a time there was a beautiful little country called Pritpradesh. It was full of young and hardworking men and women. Pritpradesh meant the ‘country of love’, but in addition to the love it also flourished with a river on one side and mountains on the other. The mesmerising scenic beauty was […]