Seriously, Stop Using Your Email ID For Creating Youtube Channels If You Want To Be A Brand

–Do not create a new Email ID, Create A New Brand Account–
–Create the new YouTube Channel For the Brand Account–
–Now, let’s see how to do it–

Let the record show that I seriously do not want people making the same mistake I made and hence the Xtraaa long title. The other day my cousin texted me “Hey so I have created a new email ID for a new YouTube Channel, what now?”

This is the mistake a lot of us make. We think YouTube channels are attached to our email IDs and just because I wanted to call my Channel Finally Jobless, I had to create a new email ID FinallyJobless[at] WRONG!!!

Why not to create a new email ID?

There is nothing wrong in creating a new email ID, but what happens after that, becomes a problem. Let me give my example. This is my edit section of the Google+ profile forced down my throat with my new email ID.

The First Name and Last Name are Finally Jobless Respectively. That is not my name.

If you notice, the name is not really my name. It doesn’t say Naimish Sanghvi, it says Finally Jobless. 

So that my dear friends is the problem with having a channel that is not your name. If I change the name to Naimish Sanghvi, my YouTube channel will not be called ‘Finally Jobless’, it would be called ‘Naimish Sanghvi’. Unacceptable!

However, when there is a problem, there is a solution. I am here to give you one. Here’s what you should do when you want to create a new YouTube channel. For this experience to be all authentic, I will create a new channel on YouTube called FJ Tech.

Step – 1: Create A Google+ Brand Account

A brand account is a google page for brands. In this case my brand is FJ Tech. Brand accounts can be managed by other admins too. In future if your YouTube channel touches the sky, you’d need some help managing it.

  • On your computer, open Google+
  • On the bottom of the left panel, click Brands.
Can it be any further down?
  • Click Create Google+ Page.

  • Create a Brand Account. Brand Name = YouTube Channel Name
Enter the brand name you need
  • Click Enable

Your Brand Account is ready. But our job here is not done yet. 

Step 2 – Fill up Essential Details

It is necessary to add essential details to your brand account page. This will help you get recognised on google and the details will simply migrate to your YouTube channel as well.

Add a Header photo and profile photo:

  • Select Edit account info. 
  • Change the images
Change the default Header and profile image
Header Image: 1080 x 608
Profile Photo: Square

Add Brand Information:

  • Click the ‘+’ icon and add other information like
    • Contact Info
    • Sites
    • Story of your brand

Add the detail one by one
Make important details Public

Your Google+ Business Page is now Ready. Let us now move to Youtube. 

Step 3: Create A YouTube Channel

This is the most important task. We need to ensure that the YouTube channel is created with Brand account and not your personal account.

  • Open YouTube and log in with your email Address
  • Go to your channel list
  • Click on Create Channel for your brand account:
    Click on Create Channel for your brand

    Your Channel is just One Step Away

Congratulations, now you have a youtube channel that has a name different than your own. If you change your company name later on, you can rename the Brand Account or create a new Brand account and Transfer the channel.

FJ Tech YouTube Channel

Creating a channel with brand page gives you liberty to rename your brand, add more administrators and essentially keep your personal and professional (Video making) life separate.

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My Channel Finally Jobless is on my email ID, but Finally Jobless Vlogs is on Branded page.

-Naimish Sanghvi

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