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They Won’t Forget

You forget, yet the world remembers, No not mankind as a whole But those that make your world , The won’t forget, when you whirled From one interest to another They will forget the guts you had For the mind memorizes fear, They won’t forget, you were never near To […]


I’m Home

I’m home Each time he looks at me Holding my hand When he walks with me I’m home Each time he cracks a joke Messes up my hairAnd pulls me close I’m home Each time he pours his heart outThinks his thoughts aloudAnd then suddenly calls my name As if […]

The Weather

It ain’t a rough ride you know, Just a bit of wind to throw a jacket on Even though the trees won’t budge, It’s just a bit of wind, you know. You will survive, just hold on tight.   No it ain’t raining that bad. Earth’s taking a shower So […]