My Snoring!!!

It’s ironic that I am able to be open about my life here but unable to convey a similar message to those around me in real life. I don’t know if you have noticed from my various social media channels that I have moved to Bombay (Mumbai). But it is of less importance for now. What’s important is the company has provided a guest house for 2 weeks. The guest house is amazing. The rooms are great, the caretakers are also good guys. Problem: I have to share the room.

As everyone who knows me personally, knows that I snore like a chainsaw. I made 8 people stay awake in a hostel in Budapest due to my snoring. I have made 5 people stay awake on a camping trip. My sister, my cousins, my relatives refuse to share a room with me because I snore. My roommate here in the guest house doesn’t know yet that I snore. That is my insecurity. Tonight when I hit the sacks, he’s going to find out there is a monster in the room causing a heavy noise pollution and I have no idea what is going to happen next.

Will he tell his colleagues tomorrow? Will he meet my colleagues and tell them tomorrow? Does he vlog, will he mention it in a vlog? Does he write blogs, will he write about me in it? I don’t know. My fear is irrational maybe but one thing is for sure, my first impression to this guy is going to be less than pleasing. I just wish he snores as loud as I do or he is a heavy sleeper, in that case I just need to stay awake till he is asleep.

Alright. Bye Now. I need to prepare myself for my first day at work. Oh wait, I can’t post this now. Sorry. I will post it after my video is out.

Check out the video here:


Cover Pic Source: snoringmouthpieceguide

3 thoughts on “My Snoring!!!

  1. Fantastic Namish. best of luck with your new job! Im on day 128 ( I also planned 365 days). Lets wait and see. 🙂 Enjoy whatever you do..:-)

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