Falling in love is simple, but after you decide to end the relationship for various reasons, the hard part begins: Moving on.

Moving on, is the most difficult part of a relationship

I am moving on too from a really long and loving relationship. Something I cherished for a year and 3 quarters. But it was never a permanent one. It cannot be. Quite recently we started having a lot of issues. Sometimes you can’t hear the words that come out. Sometimes you keep shouting but they fall on deaf ears. A lot of times we got hurt. This one time, the surgery was a major one. And I was there. I paid for it. Because it’s my responsibility.

But, I can’t take it anymore. Enough is enough. There is everything that could have been done, have been done. I have to say good bye. It has to be ended. It is difficult no doubt. I am writing about it because I know a lot of you have been through this or even going through it. I would need all the support I can get.

This is my story. At the time of writing this I have already moved on. I vlogged some moments of the process. It was difficult. There were signs to stick to it. More signs to not let it go. But I did it. I hope you can relate to me.

Here’s the video:

If you haven’t watched this video, watch it and read further

If you have watched this video, here’s a link to know more about the one I moved on to.

-Naimish Sanghvi

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