I Just Became An Agent

Few months ago I participated in a survey. The survey was for the people who are into content creation on social media. I did an awesome job. I talked to the guy for an hour and answered every single question without leaving even the tiniest details out. As they asked me to. I did this as a favour to a friend who asked me if I could help her friend, who was looking for content creators to interview. Most of my life I have been shy of talking to people so there is so much that I don’t know about how these things work. When I was done with the survey I walked upto the lady who had asked me to be there and said good bye. She asked me to wait, I did. She came back with an envelope and said, “Thanks for being here, these are your vouchers”. That was the moment I realised I was getting paid to talk about my work. As good as it felt, it also led me to think this could be something of a side-income generator for me. So, I left my phone number with the agent there and asked him to call me when he has something like this to offer. Then I forgot about it.

Today, he called. The name shined sharp on my screen but I couldn’t recall who it was. I assumed it would someone I met in the train or in a share cab sometime. I have had mustered courage to begin a conversation sometimes in my life, but never have I ever stayed in touch with the people I exchange numbers with on public transport. So before he could explain anything to me, I said “Yeah I remember you” (I didn’t) and “I am sorry I am not in Mumbai” and I hung up. As soon as I hung up I remembered him. I slapped my forehead and laughed at my stupidity. But then I called him back to get more details on this survey. They required someone working in the advertising or media industry. I could have called my colleagues but no one lives near Andheri, actually now as I write this I could think of 2 people who do. Never-mind. Soon enough I had an idea. I looked at Utkarsh who’s swiping right on his phone and then looked at Karan. My brilliant idea was to become an agent.

For the next 10 min I convinced Karan to call the guy and fix the appointment. Karan works in advertising. He didn’t want to go alone. He is a master procrastinator in all essence. But, I couldn’t go with him because I had already announced I am out of town. So I looked at Utkarsh. He goes, “What will I do? Wait outside while he talks for a couple hours inside a room?” and to this I replied, “You come back after dropping him”. The joke did well. We laughed and we went silent again. The agent sent me a whatsapp message with the requirement, it said they also wanted to survey film makers. That’s when the light bulb switched on. Utkarsh and I have collectively made a series Lambu Aur Baba Ki Katha, a short film A blueprint for disaster and a sketch ‘The get-together‘. He is as much a film-maker as I am. And that’s when I managed to get these 2 idiots’ sorry asses off the couch and sent them to participate in the survey. Ain’t that smart?

What do I get in return? 25% of their earnings. Atleast that’s what I told them. Whatever it is, this was a thrilling experience. Not really, it wasn’t. They are my best friends, they’d take a bullet for me. Ummm.. I hope they would. Anyway, agreeing to this wasn’t difficult for them. They did go to the survey. The agent thanked me for sending them. They came back with vouchers worth of 4000 rupees and we will spend it on something valuable. Like clothes. But, just in case you need an agent, I am your guy.

-Naimish Sanghvi


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