Issue with iOS 9.3 – Unable to click and open links in Safari

Update: iOS 9.3.1 is out and the issue is now fixed with the latest release.

iOS 9.3 is out and people are updating their iPhones, iPods and iPads with the new version of the Apple iOS. It is not stable however and it blows my mind thinking about how this issue went unnoticed in the Beta version testing. The issue: Unable to open links from Safari. Yup, whenever you try to click on the links in the Safari page, it doesn’t work. Long pressing the link just freezes the app for some time and ends up crashing it at times.

A newer version of iOS will carry a fix for this for sure, but for now, we have a work around from Apple. I reached out to them for help with the issue and they replied. Here is the full story:

Here's my short twitter conversation
Here’s my short twitter conversation

Within a few hours I had a reply from them with the workaround. Please go ahead, try it and fix the annoying problem:

And the workaround
And the workaround

Did it work for you?

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