I’m Home

I’m home
Each time he looks at me
Holding my hand
When he walks with me

I’m home
Each time he cracks a joke
Messes up my hair
And pulls me close

I’m home
Each time he pours his heart out
Thinks his thoughts aloud
And then suddenly calls my name
As if I was lost in a crowd

I’m home
Each time he tells me a story
Anecdotes and some past glories
Wishes dreams and the bugging monotony

I’m home
Each time he teaches me something new
A firm handshake
A new perspective
Getting me straight on the cue

I’m home
Each time I think of him
Blushing with the utterance of his name
Pushing his thoughts away in vain

I can roam the world
and walk miles alone
But I’d rather be home


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