How does Creativity work for me?

Give me a word, any word, asked the guy in the video I was watching. He said this to a bunch of people, one in each segment of the video and all of them gave him one word. He then spontaneously created a Rap from that word, that one single word. Now that’s creativity.

When I think of these things, I believe I am not creative. There was a time I would write poems and love letters but that time was roughly 14 years ago when I realised even I could have infatuations, or “true love” as we called it then. Today I am sitting here and writing a blogpost. Find anything creative with it? The answer is No. It still is an achievement to keep coming back to this website and write an article, but what’s the point of it if it isn’t creative?

I have realised that not every artist is born creative, it can also come with practice. I have proof, pick any of my videos or vlogs, the latest one will be more creative than it’s predecessor. My English and it’s grammar still sucks but I am working on it. The problem is not that I am not learning, the problem is that I am a slow learner. In the times where teenagers are making millions out of blogs and videos, I am a 27 y old unmarried jobless dude making videos by myself in my parents’ house. I am slow and I am old, hence my creativity lacks the latest hip trends and ideas that the millennials are able to mint on. Maybe that’s why TVF rejected me in round 2, perhaps my stories were not hip enough or not appealing to the teenage audience. In a way it worked out well, it allowed me to get my creative juices flowing and start experimenting with my vlogs. I started using time lapse, jump cuts, stop motion and other such ideas in my vlogs and while they are not perfectly implemented, they are a refreshing change for me and some of my friends.

Utkarsh, my best friend started making music. He uploads the tracks on Soundcloud. Things are changing for us oldies now. Karan, UT and I made a short film as well called “Missing“. But, are we creative enough to take on this world, take on TVF if we have to? The answer again is a big fat NO. This is a learning process, and to learn creativity requires a lot of patience and perseverance. I have to remind myself everyday that I have to be consistent and never stop learning. The journey never ends much like any other in the world.

My notes have 36 projects of which 12 have ended up in a video. I will probably make the remaining 24 later in the year or perhaps never. That’s just how my creativity works. If I leave something aside, it’s going to stay aside until I have the same idea again. Week after week for 3 straight months I made videos with sheer will and determination to get better, to be creative, and to achieve something that not a lot of people can. Only today I feel that I achieved something. My vision made it possible to make a video with a 9 month old baby, my niece Krishika. I have worked in the past with Riyanshi, she’s 2 years old and follows instructions after continuous requests. Getting a 9 month old to do anything is absolutely impossible but I was able to stitch together some of the best moments with her into a funny and yet Awww-inspiring video. I have no idea how the audience is going to react to it but I laughed my heart out when I finally saw the final version of the video. Ofcourse, it would have really been impossible if I did not get the help from my cousin, his wife – the parents, and my sister Vidhi. They helped me make my vision a reality.

So how does my creativity work? Well, it’s just that I have to put my thoughts in words and take it from there. No matter how difficult or impossible it looks, get the right help, make the necessary adjustments and finally get on with it. Simple.

Here’s the video I made with Krishika:


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