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Why It is Necessary to Take A Break from Cryptocurrency

“Rest and Be Thankful” – William Wadsworth Rest, is exactly what I wanted after realising that the prices of Bitcoin fell 10% and the prices of Ripple fell over 30%. While not all of my investments are in loss, some significant amount is. It felt like the end of the […]

Why should we give back more to the community?

We Badly need givers in the World!

No one has ever become poor by giving – Anne Frank I don’t know about our world, but my world, my community could sure as hell use a bit more giving personalities. I am surrounded by people wanting to make quick profits. Sure, it is a good business strategy to […]

Mumbai: Even Though I Hate this City, Bidding Adieu is the Hardest

“Once you have lived in Mumbai, you won’t like it anywhere else” a bold statement made by a friend born and brought up in Mumbai. “That’s the beauty of Bombay” he continued. Bombay may have legally become Mumbai but it’s still Bombay in the hearts of the residents. Even I […]

Mumbai Rains: How we survived the day

“Go live on Facebook from wherever you are and cover the Mumbai rains”, my boss said as he wrote Versova against my name. Mumbai was experiencing heaviest rain since 2005’s crazy flooding. We were in office on the fateful day of August 29, 2017. Despite the warning signs, I left […]


Falling in love is simple, but after you decide to end the relationship for various reasons, the hard part begins: Moving on. Moving on, is the most difficult part of a relationship I am moving on too from a really long and loving relationship. Something I cherished for a year […]

What It Feels Like When The Whole World Thinks You Are Wrong?

I’m not interested in playing the victim. I like stories about survivors – Laurie Holden If you think like Laurie, you might be disappointed in me after reading this blog. Perhaps the most brutally honest, emotionally driven post of my life. I would be lying if I said I don’t […]

I swear to speak the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth

I love Drama. I love truth. I love drama with truth. For instance, it rained yesterday, hence a few local trains got cancelled, thus I got late to work. However instead of writing “I’ll be late because the trains are running late, I apologise” I wrote “Trains have been cancelled. […]

9 Reasons Having Sisters Is The Worst

Let’s get straight on with it, 9 reasons why sisters are most annoying and I am not crying I just have something in my eye. 1. She is selfless for her siblings. How annoying when sister does everything for you! via GIPHY 2. She hides your secrets from your parents. She […]

The Time That I Need To Remember

This photo was taken the same year I had the chance to meet then prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. The students you see in the picture are all from different  schools in Vadodara. It was taken on the day we held a rally in the dry state of Gujarat in order […]

Crib Crib Crib, is all I do

“Dude”, I shouted at Karan to draw his attention “No”, came back a sharp reply “What no?” “No I don’t want to hear it” “How do you know it was something I was going to ask?” I replied nervously because Hey, wanna know what happened at the office today was exactly what […]