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Why should we give back more to the community?

Our visitors are the first priority for us. To ensure a seamless experience for the user, we decided to get rid of the pesky ads on Finally Jobless all-together. We do not sell ads on our website and all the expenses to run the site goes out of our pockets.

We have been experiencing a huge surge in traffic recently which has left us both happy and worried. We jumped 12 lakh ranks in the Alexa ratings on 03-Jan-2018. We are worried because we had to upgrade our hosting service twice in 3 days and the demand is ever-increasing. We will soon be in a position where we won’t be able to afford the website’s hosting fees.

To keep this website ad-free and have the best experience from Finally Jobless, we request you to donate whatever it is that you can. Your donation will be highly appreciated. If you wish to make your donation public you can contact us with the transaction ID.

Donate using any of the following channels:

UPI: [email protected]

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Ether or any ERC20 Token: 0xe89fB003aa34Bf8CbD62fABD8Aa1Fd575e45BB93