Distractions – No running away from them

I just decided to write this blog out of the blue. That is the level of distractions I face right now. I am supposed to be preparing 2 screenplays for my assignment with The Viral Fever, but instead I am writing a blog now. How did I get here? Read on to find out.

Before writing the screenplays I need to learn more about screenplays, so I started reading about it. Well, it wasn’t as easy as I thought. I went from document to document, video to video, understanding how it works. The next step was to test it out. I downloaded celtx. It didn’t work on Mac, Java issue. I fixed Java, now Celtx is open and I forgot what I learnt about Screenplays, I forgot the topic too. Meanwhile, Sickick music is playing in the background and I am trying to learn it’s lyrics simultaneously. I ran out of Sickick songs so I moved to Kygo. I don’t like Kygo that much but there is no way I would listen to an original song right now, I’d enjoy any remix. Wait, I just remembered I have to write a screenplay. I opened the assignment document. I am reading through it and suddenly realised the music has stopped. I go to youtube to notice that Kygo isn’t gonna play itself for some reason. Suddenly I have the urge to listen to Ed Sheeran. I open his Vevo channel to play “Don’t” but end up playing “Thinking Out Loud”, which brings back all the memories from the past. Memories include my mistakes,ouch. Now, I am here listening to the song I shouldn’t be listening, thinking what I should not be thinking, and not doing what I should be doing. The only thing that would seem sane right now is to put down my thoughts on a draft post. But the song is now over and I am continuously writing. Sam Smith is on now, why Sam Smith after Ed Sheeran automatically? This song is over too. What next? Silence. I am not sure which song will play. Waiting. Waiting. Okay it’s on. What the heck is that? I don’t recognise the song. Let me check. It’s Sam Smith. What? I couldn’t recognise him? That’s terrible. Here we are again, listening to “Lay by You” and not doing what I should be doing. Why am I not writing the screenplay? Maybe it’s too much work. Maybe I am lazy, maybe I can’t work till the deadline is super close. It’s hard to tell. Why is Nitin still up? It’s 5 AM. What? It’s 5 AM.  Wait, why did this post become like this? It was supposed to be a carefully written blog about how things can distract you. But maybe it needs to be like this, maybe people should know how distractions work if it’s read the way it feels, “Terrible”. Okay, my mind is at rest now. Writing down helped. Lay by me is over too. Wow the songs went on fast. Okay. This is the end. If you read it till the end, kudos for keeping away the distractions.

Go finish your unfinished work now.


Cover Pic: Michael Bayne

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