Finally Jobless Crazy Dreamers Project

finally jobless, startups, startup interviews, coindelta, koinex, crypto currency

startups, podcast, interview, vlogging, crypto currency, indian startups

Dreams, if they are any good, they always seem a bit crazy – Anonymous Dreamers

My new project Crazy Dreamers is about talking to the founders of startups. Just talking? No, of-course not. I am going to enter their lives for a day, ask them some tough questions, some silly questions, get some juice and tips out for the general public and definitely try and humiliate them on national TV Youtube and Facebook.

That’s not all. I will combine my unique journalism skills and my amateur vlogging abilities to uncover the brutality of the startup world especially when you are new in the game and growing rapidly. These are people like you and me, trying to make a difference in our lives, so it’s important to know how they are doing it. Isn’t it?

I have narrowed down the first startup I will be talking to and it is Coindelta. So far the plan is as follows but it can change as we learn more along the way.

Under the #FJCD project I will walk into the offices of startups and make some videos there. Here are the videos I will be making:

  1. A 12 hour work day vlog – Let the world know what their offices look like and what they do in them all day long.
  2. Video Podcast – A table discussion on their startup, founders fights, founders’ crush, leg pulling and so on.
  3. A Facebook Live – A live video on Facebook to answer the questions of the community.

Sound like a good plan?

To know more about the startups and schedules as part of the project, please visit here.

Know any Crazy Dreamers who quit their jobs and started their own company? Let me know in the comments below if you want me to go to them next.