Catching up With Shubham Yadav, cofounder of Coindelta – Indian Crypto Exchange

According to a recent article, Pune-based Coindelta is an exchange that provides 24/7 live support for queries users may face. It has markets with INR and Bitcoin as base currencies. Its CEO Rajdeep Singh and the team aim to educate society about blockchain and are looking to build a strong community of blockchain enthusiasts.

As part of the Crazy Dreamers project, I went to Coindelta’s office to interview the founders. What followed was 30 hours of running after them. Those guys were so swamped with work, they couldn’t join me on a table to talk for 30 min. 30 minutes meant over 50 live chat sessions.

At the end, I finally caught hold of their co-founder Shubham and quickly wrapped up the session while he had come home to freshen up after pulling an all-nighter.

I asked Shubham the questions sent to me by the community and he answered them with utmost honesty and seriousness. I was hoping for a really good leg-pulling session, but according to Mr. Shubham, the CTO and co-founder of Coindelta, it will not be “Appropriate”. 

Here you are:

The Inspiration behind Coindelta:

We all know Coindelta is a cryptocurrency exchange, but why did Shubham and the rest of the founders decide to enter the space and start their own exchange was until now a mystery. Watch Shubham dish out his bad experience that actually laid the foundation for Coindelta.

When will you add new coins? What will they be? When is the Coindelta App coming out?

This is most asked question by the community. I can bet my bitcoins on the fact that this video is probably going to be the most viewed video. Before you take this bet seriously, I have to tell you I have 0.000006 BTC only.

Let’s see if this answer will make you happy (it will). Are you ready to use the app? (I am sure you are)

Did you ever feel like Giving up?

Everyone, every startup, every company experiences a situation when you go “I can’t take this anymore” or “I can’t do this anymore”. Did that happen in Coindelta? Did the founders fight? All these and more questions answered by Shubham here

What is the future for Decentralized Apps or Exchanges?

Full disclosure – I am a big fan of Decentralized exchanges and apps, however the recent Etherdelta hack has scared me a bit. I also know a guy who lost 45 ETH on Etherdelta. Shubham knows the space better than me and he made some valid points for both sides. Check it out:

Do you have a girlfriend and why do you keep running to Mumbai so often?

I was told to ask this to Shubham only and I did. Watch the answer below to find out if Shubham has a girlfriend.

What can Coindelta Community do to help and also get rewarded?

This is my favourite question. Not because it shows how awesome I am for making their tutorial videos but it talks about rewards. If you ever wish to contribute to Coindelta, your time is here. Watch this video to find out more.


Although this was a long video, I decided to chop it down to the important bits only. I wholeheartedly thank Shubham for doing this with me. I wish Coindelta all the luck for the future.

Do you want me to make a behind the scenes video? Got more questions for CD? Let me know in the comments below.

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