We Badly need givers in the World!

No one has ever become poor by giving – Anne Frank

I don’t know about our world, but my world, my community could sure as hell use a bit more giving personalities. I am surrounded by people wanting to make quick profits. Sure, it is a good business strategy to make profit. Make money where you can. But what about giving the community something in return?

I actually am holding back tears as I write this because it is getting on to my nerves, my very weak and compassionate nerves. Although I would never ever shell out a penny for a beggar, I have never ever turned anyone down who has come to me to learn. To me educating someone is the biggest charity you can ever do.

Imagine a child who spent her life in hiding, being tortured and later dying in imprisonment wrote something so beautiful as the quote in the beginning of this article. If Anne Frank can see this, why can’t we?

I had a conversation with a guy about Arbitrage in Trading. He didn’t want me to share my knowledge with anyone. He wanted to “Teach” me to not share the techniques because I was “Stupid enough” to do so. I honestly think it is very selfish and short sighted on his part. But you are free to make judgments by reading the conversation.

However it wasn’t this that compelled me to write the article, a lot of things piled up leading to this very moment. I have always wondered why do we run after money. In my own experience, the more I ran after the money the faster I lost it. Kindness is not the same way, the more kindness you share, the more it comes back to you in some other form if not the same.

Even at Roaming Clan I cared more about building a community of solo travellers helping each other plan trips than making money from our concept travel plans. At Network18 I hoped to bring technological advancement stories forward to the public over making videos of iPhone and Samsung reviews. At Deloitte I loved to help the end-users more than to develop and implement systems. Maybe I am wired differently, but it wouldn’t kill to spread some knowledge, seriously.


I have to thank some of the people I know who give away stuff for free like no copyright music to use for your videos or Motivational/Fitness tips. They are the real MVPs in this world.

Either way, I am glad I was able to get this off of my chest. I can’t really do much about this, but you can. If you know people who are into knowledge sharing for free, let us know in the comments below. We all can use some non-commercialised information.