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Crypto Crackdown: ICICI Bank Closes Account of High Value Traders

As the government still acts clueless over the matter of Cryptocurrency, we received information that the banks are taking action over individuals trading in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other Altcoins. ICICI Bank, India’s premier bank sent notice of Account closure to Mr. Aniket, who’s name has been changed […]

Why It is Necessary to Take A Break from Cryptocurrency

“Rest and Be Thankful” – William Wadsworth Rest, is exactly what I wanted after realising that the prices of Bitcoin fell 10% and the prices of Ripple fell over 30%. While not all of my investments are in loss, some significant amount is. It felt like the end of the […]

Where can I buy Bitcoin, ethereum, neo, ada, and other altcoins in India

A Comparison of All Indian Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The Cryptocurrency space in India is booming at an exponential rate. More and more people are becoming Crypto Traders, Investors and Hodlers; the demand for cryptocurrency is ever-increasing. Several times the exchanges are forced to close down new registrations due to the surge leaving new users in a limbo. Perhaps […]

Koinex Enables Withdrawals, with Conditions

In a surprising delight, Koinex announced they will enable Deposits and Withdrawals today. They are not instant yet as we had hoped for. INR Transactions Update: Deposits & Withdrawals will be enabled today! Important points: – INR 10 lakhs per transaction – INR 1 crore per account per day – […]

Koinex INR Transactions Will Be Instant, But When will they start?

Be Quick Without Hurrying – John Wooden Update: Koinex has enabled Withdrawals for 48 hours starting 5:00 PM on Jan 8th This, is exactly what the Indian Cryptocurrency Exchanges are doing right now. Koinex, India’s leading cryptocurrency exchange started something that put them light years ahead of the incumbents. That […]

Koinex coindelta instant INR deposits and withdrawals