200 Days of Experiments

Chances are that you have bounced on this blog from my Video. If you haven’t, take a look at the video before going further.

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There’s so much that I want to share with the world. There is so much that I want to do. The only problem is, no one knows me. My video views have gone from 2000 views to less than 100 views per video. I have no idea how to reach the audience. Take every video Youtube tutorial and they will tell you the importance of consistency,they say consistency let’s you connect with the audience. My consistency however is slowly disconnecting me from them. I am not complaining. Everyone has their own choices and they are free to dislike my videos.

Looking at the declining trend, I partnered with Utkarsh and created a show, “Lambu aur Baba ki Katha”, 2 episodes of the same are out right now. Well, turns out people didn’t like it much for various reasons but the most astonishing one is where they felt I am not me (Naimish) in the video. This was both shocking and saddening. The fact is that I am not supposed to be Naimish, I am supposed to be a character Lambu. I had to literally explain to some of my friends that stop watching the video like it’s Naimish, it’s not Naimish, it’s Lambu, it’s a different person. At times like these, you wonder, what did we do wrong? Is it really that hard to understand that this is a show and not a regular video I make on every Monday? What else can I do?

Everyday brings a new hurdle on your way. Such is the current state of Finally Jobless. I understand that I am more complaining than showing you the good side of being Jobless, but once again, good and bad are the sides of the same coin. Everything has it’s pros and cons. My spirit is almost always strong so I decided to try something new, again. And that my friends is what you saw in the video earlier. I have to admit, I had a different vision for the video but rain, roads, and tourists had other plans for me. So I used what we had and made a video from it. It’s not perfect, but I can live with it.

But, I am not into making videos only. I have written plenty of stories on this very website. I regularly write blogposts like this one and I write short funny stories on my Facebook Page ‘Not So Small Talks’. So, am I really Jobless? I have got a full time weekly show to script, shoot, edit and release. I have a new video to be uploaded every Monday. I have to write at least 5-6 stories/Blog posts a month on FinallyJobless.com. I have to write a story every week on Facebook, NotSoSmallTalks. This is not all, the social media game is way bigger than all of this. Make a SnapChat Story, tweet something funny everyday, take great pictures on Instagram, make stories on Instagram now, and vlogging, let’s not forget that I also have a vlogging channel.

The answer to the question, am I really jobless is still yes. Because as I said in the video, being Jobless is not about not having a job, it’s about not having to do a job that you don’t want to. This job that I am doing now, this job that is paying me nothing, this job that is eating up my savings, is still the best ever job I had, it’s called Being Finally Jobless. Let’s hope that the next 100 days have something great for me in store. I’d prefer to drive an uber over becoming a consultant again, but who knows, what I actually end up doing.

Thank you for giving me your time. Time is the most valuable thing one has and sharing it with someone is more valuable than diamonds studded on platinum rings. Do check out my other posts, there should be some suggestions below. You can also subscribe below. Bye!

-Naimish Sanghvi



4 thoughts on “200 Days of Experiments

  1. Hey Naimish!
    Firstly, to be frank, this is the first time I am actually visiting your blog although I got it bookmarked for long (say last week 😛 ) and have just read two of your blog posts till now. So, it may look little weird to have this comment too soon but trust me I cannot stop myself from telling you that how amazing you are! Seriously!
    On that thing of being jobless, I totally appreciate to the line of yours which says “being Jobless is not about not having a job, it’s about not having to do a job that you don’t want to.” WOW!
    Actually, you know what! I also left my job to follow my interest in blogging as I am also the one who want to do so much but is my case the problem is that there is something missing and I need a lot of improvements. But you, you are an inspiration to many and many more! Don’t ever give up!

    Jobless team is awesome! All the best for future 😀
    And yess, you just gained one more follower of yours! 😀 😀

    1. I can’t believe it took me 3 days to see this comment. I am so sorry Shifali. Thank you so much for your kind words. I really feel blessed. And believe it or not I read your blog – Hold The Pen and Write the Story which is pretty much exactly what I want people to understand. You’re great and inspirational to me and to a lot of folks out there. All the best!!!

      For others here’s the link to Shifu’s blog: https://channelshifali.wordpress.com/2016/05/19/hold-the-pen-write-the-story/

        1. Okay. I managed to look at your blog too. It’s interesting. Those images you put with your blogs are hilarious and very relevant. With every passing day people are demanding easy stuff. Easy Reads, Easy to understand movies, Easy short videos, easy everything. So images do help a lot. That’s one area I need to work on. 🙂

          Thanks for sharing.

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